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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Biggs Darklighter Looking Forward to a Long Career With His Wingman and Best Friend

“It has to be good luck that my best friend in the whole galaxy just showed up out of the blue at this undisclosed Rebel headquarters, doesn’t it?!”

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION — The Rebel Alliance is about to embark on its most important, and most dangerous, mission to date. In just over an hour or two, it will be make or break time, and dozens of pilots will put their lives on the line, a new hope for the future guiding and fueling  their courage. When Lt. Biggs Darklighter did his holo-interview with us moments ago, he told us he couldn’t wait to fly the mission and come back to celebrate with his “best friend in the whole galaxy,” who he hadn’t expected to see perhaps ever again.

“I’d say everyone’s feeling pretty anxious about what we’re about to do. We know what we’re up against here,” Biggs told us. “Still, I just have this feeling that when I retire, years and years from now, after a long and decorated pilot career, I’ll be telling my grand-youngings about how this was the first of dozens of sorties I flew with my wingman and best friend, who I hope survives as long as I know I will.”

Lt. Biggs Darklighter
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Biggs told us he knows that odds aren’t in everyone’s favor, and that what lies in store for his squadron will test every skill they have as fighter pilots. When his friend showed up for the mission briefing, though, Biggs said his own personal confidence in the mission’s success skyrocketed. Though, he couldn’t believe he was actually looking at his friend.

“We had just said goodbye to each other on Tatooine not that long before the briefing…maybe a matter of days, at most. Certainly not long enough to, like, master some mystical powers of the mind or whatever,” Biggs explained. “Still, I knew it was him and when I just confirmed it like ten minutes ago. I told Red Leader that he’s gonna be really happy he let my friend fly with us, even though he’s had absolutely zero combat experience or training.”

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Darklighter hopes his pal’s lack of time in an X-Wing cockpit doesn’t put him in too much danger, but he said he’ll be keeping an eye on his friend the whole time, and won’t let anything happen to him.

“I don’t expect him to hit the final shot in some kind of crazy mind control moment without the assistance of his targeting computer,” Biggs laughed. “And who knows, maybe he could find himself in real danger out there, but I’ll be right there the whole time, just like I will be for our entire careers! It has to be good luck that my best friend in the whole galaxy just showed up out of the blue at this undisclosed Rebel headquarters, doesn’t it?!”

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