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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Leia Organa Blasts Rumored Transphobia Among New Republic Rangers

“I…will not stand for anybody who represents the values…my friends died to defend defiling those beliefs with ignorant and hateful social media posts.” – Leia Organa

CORUSCANT — Sen. Leia Organa has called for a special investigation into allegations of transphobia among the ranks of the New Republic Rangers. In a blistering press release, Organa declares that any ranger who has posted “vile, bigoted content meant to demean and demoralize galactic citizens on a personal level” don’t have the “moral clarity to serve” the New Republic.

“The Rebel Alliance fought a long, bloody war to free the galaxy of the ignorant, hateful forces of the Empire,” Organa’s statement reads, “and I for one will not stand for anybody who represents the values so many of my friends died to defend defiling those beliefs with ignorant and hateful social media posts. The Rebels, as well as our New Republic, has always stood for inclusion and tolerance of all life forms, and I fully support culling the Rangers’ ranks of anyone who does not support those values.

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A badge of a marshal in the New Republic Rangers.
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In recent months, rumors have swirled that at least one fairly well-known member of the New Republic Rangers has posted materials to her social media accounts that mocked transgender people and made head-scratching comparisons between people who belong to a political party and the victims of Sheev Palpatine’s genocide on the Jedi. When that ranger’s posts were verified as having been published by the ranger herself, she was subsequently let go from her position in the Rangers, causing a firestorm on the right.

“Here we go with the Woketopians firing a good, clean, pure-white skinned humanoid just because she won’t stop posting things that purposefully trigger, troll, and belittle people,” Darth Ben Shapiro said on a recent broadcast of his holo-podcast. “Well, I’ll have you know that my media company has contracted with that fired ranger, and now she’ll make crap-tier entertainment for me, co-starring the very famous and relevant Kevynn Soarbow and Scott Baio.”

“Look, if what they’re saying about Dune is true, then I don’t see what the big deal about getting rid of someone who’s barely been a part of our galaxy’s shared history in any meaningful way would be,” Organa told a Coruscant news holo reporter this week. “Up until a few months ago, nobody had really ever heard of this woman anyway. I can promise you there are scores of more talented, more important people among our Ranger force that have the sense to at the very least keep their fool opinions in their foolish heads.”

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