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Friday, January 28, 2022

Is Papa Palps’ New Holotransmission a PR Stunt or Some Much Needed Imperial Motivation?

Uploaded just two days ago, and boasting over a 200 million views already; this compulsory-viewing transmission is required to have a ‘Watched’ label on all devices by the Fete Weeks.

The recording is just a little over one minute long, and this (clearly improvised) motivational shouting session strikes yours truly as a much needed publicity stunt.

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The newly (and self-appointed) Emperor elect, (previously Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, Sheev Palpatine) has become more and more reclusive after the attempt on his life by the treasonous Jedi order. And this transmission might be exactly what his PR team would be prescribing.

As you might have noticed across the streets of the Empire ruled planets, a new marketing campaign emblazons most displays these days: Your Galactic Empire!

Therefore, it stands to reason this inspiring transmission must have been created to ease the fears and concerns only a small minority have voiced about his left-to-be-seen actions towards peace and prosperity in our galaxy.

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But either way, Long live the Empire!

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