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Friday, January 28, 2022

Abusive, Racist Incel Sith Trolls Force Two Resistance Heroes Off Social Media

Rose Tico and Rey Skywalker, two undeniably integral heroes in the Resistance Against the First Order, have both officially left and deleted all their social media accounts in the last three weeks. Skywalker and Tico both blamed what they described as “horrific, incessant, non-stop racist and sexist trolling” from Incel Sith acolytes, in a brief joint statement.

“Whether these sad, pathetic, beta quality males like it or not, we are not going anywhere, and we don’t owe any of them anything,” Tico and Skywalker wrote. “We belong here. We have a place here, and no amount of trolling, whining, or daily, non-stop complaining will ever change that one iota.”

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It’s unclear exactly what, if anything Tico and Skywalker did or said that earned them ire of the Alt-Sith, an extremist religious cult that believes Emperor Palpatine was hand picked by divine influence to break up a predatory Jedi ring. However, when Rose and Rey first started making names for themselves within the Resistance, incel Sith started trolling them with racist, sexist, abusive comments on their social media posts. After some time, Tico and Skywalker say they decided they “didn’t need social media that much after all” and the “pathetic dweebs” that trolled them can “suck a fat one.”

“Whether this is some weird form of their species’ courtship ritual, or if they’re just douche commandos by default,” the statement reads, “there is nothing more unappealing than whining man with an inferiority complex bigger than a small moon. If that’s who’s going to be stalking our social media posts, we don’t need social media, thank you very much.”


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